College Profile

College Profile

Sitananda College came to its existence as a result of the collective effort of common people living in Nandigram and its vicinity immediate after the independence. It originates as an inevitable outcome of the hopes and aspirations of people belonging to all sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed, community and religious groups. They felt the necessity of an institute of higher education for the building intellectual spreading the light of knowledge among common people to build up a healthy and progressive society. As it happened, some people came forward to spearhead the movement to give it a concrete shape. Under the leadership of the intellectuals having broad humanitarian outlook and an immense love for the people, the dreams came true with the establishment of the Alma Mater. But the eminent intellectuals whose enthusiasm and far-sightedness gave the movement a driving force were persons like Dr.P.K.Bhowmick, a distinguished anthropologists of international repute, Dr.B.N.Chandra and Bhopal Chandra Panda. The educationists, humanists and intellectuals of Nandigram came forward with their noble mission and common people, both rich and the poor extend their helping hands. Donations poured forth. Kshirode Chandra Maity of Dhanyakhola and Benimadhab Pal of Raynagar donated the amout of Rs.60,000 (Sixty thousand only) each. Taraknath Bera of Gadaibalbard, bequeathed some acres of land. At the same time, the common people voluntarily contributed with money, building materials. People came with surging enthusiasm to offer physical labour too to materialize their cherished dream. With the material contribution and support of the common people the dreams come true. The college was et up on 21st July, 1960 in two tile-shaded small buildings with the affiliation of Calcutta University. Later, it came under the umbrella of Vidyasagar University from 1985. There is an interesting story behind the name of the college. The college got its name ‘SITANANDA’ from the first part of the name of the two principal donors. They are Sitanath Pal, the father of Benimadhab Pal and ‘ANANDA’ pf Ananda Mohan Maity are combined together to give a final shape in the name of the college.

The college started functioning initially with two faculties- Arts and Science. Honours courses are introduced in different subjects in different years like Bengali Honours in 1966, Mathematics and Political Science in 1970. In later years Honours course in Anthropology, Zoology, History, English, Sanskrit and General Courses in Education, Bengali, Philosophy, Political Science, History, English, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and Geography had been introduced. Anthropology was introduced from the inception of the college and it is also interesting to note that it is the second Anthropology Department at the Undergraduate level in its history in West Bengal. From 2006-2007 session Education and Chemistry Honours courses and from 2008-2009 physics Honours course have been introduced. The institute is flourishing rapidly in spite of facing many difficulties and soon going to be one of the premier colleges in the southern region of the state of West Bengal.

At present the college office is fully computerized and automated with Internet facilities. The college has four spacious and well-equipped Blocks-Administrative Block, Science Block, Arts Block and Kazi Nazrul Block.

Of late the Reading Room of the Library has been refurnished with air-condition facilities. There are six well equipped laboratories - Mathematics Computer Lab, Zoology Museum, Boys’ Common Room, Boys’& Girls’ Hostel, two Playgrounds and two big Ponds with three Pucca Ghats, Teachers’ Canteen and Students’ Canteen. Recently the college has received a special financial aid from U.G.C for the construction of a three storied Physics Building has already been started under the financial assistance of the Dept.of Higher Education, Govt. Of West Bengal and will be completed soon.

The college is marching forward with success and glory. Presently, it has more than 1550 students and interestingly enough girls comprising the formidable part of it. The college is gifted with a healthy academic atmosphere fortered and nurtured by teachers, students and management of the institution. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the college with its ponds, plants and gardens provide it with an aesthetic look. Peace and happiness prevail upon the idyllic ambience of the academic which gives a sensation of ancient Tapovan to both the teachers and learners. In the past years the college has produced thousands of promising talents who are now playing significant roles in the reconstruction of an ideal society and a strong, secular and democratic nation. Posterity waits with lighted candles and flowery crowns to welcome the coming days of success towards which the college is steadily marching ahead.